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Recycling facts

You know that recycling is good for the environment but here are convincing reasons as to why Collect4 is so worthwhile!

Why recycle?

Cartridge facts

  • three quarters of UK homes have at least one printer
  • most inkjet printers use 4 cartridges which are replaced on average every 3 months
  • 1.1 billion printer cartridges are sold worldwide every year
  • 500 million printer cartridges are sent to landfill sites worldwide every year – 31 million in the UK
  • ink cartridges can take thousands of years to biodegrade in landfill sites
  • a Swedish study proves that recycling a cartridge is more environmentally friendly than producing a new one

Mobile phone facts

  • there are over 342 million mobile phone users in Europe
  • most people replace their mobile phones every 18 months but the average phone lasts 8 years
  • around 105 million mobile phones are replaced in Europe every year
  • around 90 million old mobile phones lie unused in the UK
  • some mobile phones contain the most dangerous non-biodegradable toxic substances in the world
  • the best solution for the environment is for mobile phones to be repaired and reused whenever possible or broken down for spare parts
  • in the developing world mobile phones can make an enormous difference to people’s quality of life by improving communication networks


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