Fundraising through recycling is operated by Johnson Recycling Limited.


Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Collect4?
A. Collect4 is a simple and free fundraising scheme operating nationwide. It is run by Johnson Recycling Ltd. Click here to read more About us .Individuals or organisations collect empty printer cartridges and/or old mobile phones for recycling and are paid by Collect4 for reusable items.

Q. Why should we join?
A. Click here for Recycling Facts .We pay you for recyclable printer cartridges and mobiles so your funds benefit too.

Q. How does the Collect4 scheme work?
A. First of all you need to Sign Up We provide you with a collection box (if you require one). You simply put it in a prominent place and ask people to deposit their empty cartridges and/or old mobile phones into it. Please make sure that mobile phones are sealed in a bag so that they can't get inky! When your collection box is full go to book a collection and we’ll arrange a free collection of your items. We pay you for each item returned that we can recycle. The scheme is completely free.

Q. How many collection boxes can we have?
A. Most people request one box but we can send you more if you require them. We can also supply self-seal collection bags (approximately A5 size) to make it easy and mess-free to transport empty ink cartridges from one place to another e.g. bringing in a cartridge from home to put in a collection box at work. We can discuss this with you to ensure that you have all the resources that you need to collect. Once you have signed up you can reorder supplies

Q. How do we store items as they are collected?
A. All items should be put into the Collect4 collection boxes or a suitable storage box. We suggest that you line each collection box inside with a plastic liner e.g. a strong bin liner. When your box is full and you need to empty it you can simply take the bag out and put a new one inside. When you think you are ready for a collection please go to book a collection

Q. How do we know which cartridges to collect?
A. You simply collect all types of printer cartridge. We can pay you for the ones that can be refilled and resold. Unfortunately, not all cartridges can be refilled and sometimes the cost of refillling some is equivalent to the costs involved in the collection and recycling process.
We take all cartridges you collect to our Recycling centre to be sorted. We will then pay you varying amounts for those which can be refilled. The rest will be recycled into other plastic products.

Q. How do we know which mobile phones to collect?
A. You can send us all types of mobile phone (with the chargers if you have them). If the phones can't be reconditioned they will be broken down into their component parts and disposed of safely. We can pay you for any phones that can be reconditioned and hence have a new life.

Q. Do you only recycle printer cartridges and mobile phones?
A. We are a printer cartridge recycling specialist but we also take mobile phones and their accessories for recycling. Please don't include paper, photocopier toner bottles, fax rolls or ribbons of any kind. Please don't send home or office landline phones as we can only take mobile phones. Contact us if you're unsure if an item can be recycled.

Q. How can we promote the scheme?
A. Our staff are always ready to advise. We have a pre-prepared template letter that you might find useful to edit and distribute.

Q. We’re only a small organisation, is it worth joining the scheme?
A. Yes, we pay out when you have raised £10 or over with your collections. If you don’t raise this on one collection then your money from this collection will be included in the cheque for your next collection. If you're sending us items that aren't viable for us to recycle we'll let you know and will discuss alternatives. It's often the smaller groups that benefit the most from schemes like this as smaller communities are more likely to be well-connected and to keep up the momentum.

Q. We're a large company/charity with many offices/collectors spread across the country. Can you work with us to give us the scheme that we need?
A.Yes, we will assess your requirements and tailor our scheme appropriately. We developed the Collect4 schemes to be flexible. We courier collect nationwide and can also provide you with the level of reporting that you need to know which offices/collection areas have raised which amounts for you from recycling.


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