Fundraising through recycling is operated by Johnson Recycling Limited.


About Collect4

Collect4 operates nationwide, helping organisations of all sizes to fundraise through recycling. We specialise in the collection and recycling of printer cartridges and we also take mobile phones for recycling.

The Collect4 schemes are run by Johnson Recycling Ltd. These schemes are suitable for schools, charities, good causes and workplaces.

Our free and flexible schemes benefit organisations and the cartridge remanufacturing industry alike. The cartridge remanufacturing industry is worth 1 billion Pounds Sterling to the European economy every year. Approximately three million cartridges are recycled annually in the UK by one hundred British cartridge remanufacturing companies. By being part of this important cycle the Collect4 schemes help keep British people in jobs whilst fundraising for good causes.

Collect4 is based in the East Midlands. We are a licensed broker and carrier of waste number anl/516425. We are registered under the data protection act number Z7091170.



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